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        Our country being the second largest producer of mainly dehydrated onions is sufficing demands of diverse of domestic and overseas markets by exporting dehydrated foods in the form of flakes, powder and granules. Amongst many Indian Exporting companies that are contributing in uplifting country's export in dehydrated foods, especially vegetables like onion and garlic, we, Vakil Foods, are the most trusted and famed one. We are a trusted Manufacturer & Exporter that knows nothing about food adulteration and only believes in fulfilling demands of national and international markets with Dehydrated White, Red Onion, Dehydrated Garlic Powder & Dehydrated Garlic Flakes. At our company, we provide dehydrated onion and garlic in flakes, kibbled, minced, chopped and various other forms. While conducting drying process, we remove free water from the vegetables to avoid possibilities of microorganism reproduction. Solids such as sugar and diverse organic acids are concentrated by exerting osmotic pressure to suppress growth of microorganisms.

        We are having spacious production set-up where food drying process is carried out with utmost efficiency utilization several food dehydrators and other machines. Our company also pays special focus over quality to annihilate trading inferior quality foods.

        Food Safety & Quality

        Food quality and safety are many a times interlinked and thought as one by people but in real they are two different factors which every food company like us must emphasize upon. Food Safety refers to all those acute or chronic hazards which declares a particular food harmful for human consumption whereas on the other hand, Food quality encompasses all other attributes that determines a product's value to the consumer. This includes both negatives & positive qualities like contamination with filth, discoloration, off-odor, color, flavor, texture, etc. Our company, as a reliable partner to customers, maintains high quality standards by strictly focusing upon food quality and safety. Keen observation by quality controllers at the time of  production, processing, handling, storage and packaging ensures that our manufactured food is fit for human consumption and carries no harmful traces of impurity. Packed in finest packaging materials, our offerings are accurately labeled as prescribed by food authorities.

        Why Choose Us?
        • Prompt Delivering System- Our company has formed associations\ with trusted logistic business entities which assist us in making swift deliveries.
        • Packaging Services- We utilize finest packaging materials for packing our vegetables so that no traces of impurity could ruin overall quality of dehydrated foods.
        • Strict Quality Checking System- Since we deal in food products, we pay special focus over quality of dehydrated foods. Each item before getting packed is checked on numerous food safety and quality parameters.
        • Affordable Prices- We provide our offerings in reasonable prices so that customers can purchase them easily without loosing much amounts.